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Belquran Monadi mobile application

Monadi is a mobile application that contains all the spiritual and religious content required by the Islamic community, including the Quran, Nahj al-Balaghah, Sahifa al-Sajadiyya, supplications and pilgrimages, rulings, thematic narration, narration books, religious library, etc.

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Belquran research web application

Belquran is the most comprehensive research application for the Holy Quran in the Islamic world, which helps researchers in the field of Quran by using a unique database.

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Belquran's unique database has provided large and valuable sources of Islamic content, including the Quran, prayers, interpretations, etc., along with audio for the use of ordinary users and the Quranic softwares developers. Belquran database provides all its contents and data to developers and relevant institutions through standard protocols.

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