Belquran research application

The Qur'an is the most comprehensive research application for the Holy Quran in the Islamic world, which helps researchers in the field of Quran by using a unique database. Among the features of this application is access to all data of Quranic language, including derivation, conjugation, syntax, rhetoric, Quranic sciences and Quranic contents, which are offered in different formats of display, search, similarity, comparison, etc..

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Belquran Monadi mobile application

Caller to the Quran

Monadi is a mobile application that contains all the spiritual and religious content required by the Islamic community, including the Quran, Nahj al-Balaghah, Sahifa al-Sajadiyya, supplications and pilgrimages, rulings, thematic narration, narration books, religious library, etc. In this application, in addition to comprehensiveness in content, a wide range of tools such as planning on all content, holding competitions and tests, Quranic groupings, etc. are provided.. «Monadi» It has established a fully interactive platform between users and site management.

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Large database of spiritual and Quranic data

Unique Quranic corpus «Belquran»، It is a part of the database of this collection, which includes data on the language of the Qur'an, including derivation, conjucation, syntax, rhetoric, Qur'anic sciences, Qur'anic contents, history of the Qur'an, interpretation and narrations of the following Qur'anic verses, and so on. Other contents of this database are: text, audio, translation, explanation and interpretation of the Qur'an, Nahj al-Balaghah, Sahifa al-Sajadiyya, supplications, pilgrimages, rulings, Majlisi recitations and ...

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The unique database of the Belquran has provided large and valuable sources of Islamic content such as the Quran, supplications, commentaries, etc., along with audio for the use of ordinary users and the developers of Quranic application. Belquran Database provides all its contents and data to developers and relevant institutions through standard protocols.

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