rules and regulations

Some of the terms and conditions of using the application and products of this center are as follows:

  1. All material and intellectual rights and benefits of similar application and products produced, belong to the research group of Caravan of Science, which includes (and is not limited to) all application and its components, including technical and research methods used in the application. Electronic texts, textual and non-textual metadata, Arabicization of words, text marking (format), enrichment and correction of texts, various lists, sounds, images, videos, animations, maps, statistics, tables Is a display, graphic pages, designs and components of each of them, etc., and is protected by copyright, distribution and reproduction laws enacted by the Islamic Republic of Iran and international treaties..
  2. The use of unauthorized versions of the software (whether CD, backup - image - or copy of the program) is prohibited by law. Dear user, you are only allowed to use the original CD of a application or portable version (copied on your hard drive or computer system) prepared by the research team of Caravan Elm or its authorized agencies, and no natural or legal person has the right to illegally reproduce the programs.
  3. The applications of this center can be installed and used on a maximum of one computer - owned by you - and the buyer will not have the right to assign or copy the program on the system of other people..
  4. Presenting the programs of the Caravan of Elm research group in formats other than the formats provided through this center - including the provision of application in the form of mobile phones, etc. - is a clear violation of the rights of this center and is illegal. Any form will be exclusive to this center.
  5. The Caravan of Elm research group has not given any end users the right to reproduce or use the electronic resources of their products except for the personal use of the authorized copy purchased. None of the natural or legal persons may use such resources on their websites or post and reproduce, sell or donate or otherwise make available to others in any other application. Dear user, it is not allowed to extract the book or parts of a book from the application and reproduce it independently or in another software, sell it or make it available to others in any way or publish it. This prohibition includes all information contained in the program, including written, audio, video, logos and logos of the center and any other information used in the program..